Published: 05 Dezember, 2015

Did You Know That Twitter Trims Your Animated GIFs?

Do you intend to share your self-made animated GIFs on Twitter? Here’s everything you’ve to know about this topic: Make sure that your GIF sequence won't exceed 30 seconds. Otherwise Twitter will trim your work. This is super annoying especially when you're trying to tell a short story with your GIF. Why? Because Twitter won't trim your work evenly. If you don't believe me watch my short screencast. My animated GIF lasts 49 seconds. Twitter trimed it down to 30 seconds. Track the panda emoji 🐼and you'll see the discrepancy. At the top you'll see the trimmed version on Twitter and below the original animation. Twitter trims frames particularly from the the middle section. Try to consider this for your next GIF project.